United Kingdom

The Importance of a Staycation

When you ask someone to think of a holiday destination most people will say somewhere warm and exotic far far away from England! However, back in days when your grandparents were your age, most ‘holidays’ were a week away in Cromer by the seaside. Over…

January 9, 2017

We’re Going On Holiday… For FOUR weeks!

As you probably know, I’ve been waiting to write this post for a long time. Nearly a whole year in fact! But now the time has come and I can actually say WE’RE GOING ON HOLIDAY! I mentioned back in June we’d booked a pretty…

December 12, 2016
Tips & Inspiration Travel

The Pros & Cons of Booking A Holiday Early

Everyone books their holiday differently. Some leave it to the last minute and some like to be organised and book something in advance. We booked our holiday 11 months in advance, for a number of different reasons. Over the last year I’ve experienced the…

November 20, 2016
multi centre holiday
Tips & Inspiration Travel

How To Plan A Multi Centre Holiday

A few months ago I was telling my hairdresser about our upcoming holiday plans. Visiting two countries and seven cities in just one month takes a lot of planning and he was amazed that we’d put the whole itinerary together on our own. On the…

October 30, 2016
travel tech
Tips & Inspiration Travel

My Travel Tech Wishlist

The countdown is on and my holiday shopping list is getting longer and longer by the day. I always find there’s lots of things to buy before going away from new clothes to toiletries. However one particular list of mine just keeps on piling up.…

October 17, 2016
yoga tips

8 Yoga Tips For Beginners

As you know, I’m no yoga expert. I’ve only been practicing yoga for about four months but in that time I feel I’ve learnt quite a lot about it. However you never actually realise how much you know about something until you start sharing your knowledge…

October 12, 2016

Happiness Project: September

So apparently it’s the end of September already? When did that happen?! I know I probably say it most months but September has been by far the busiest month of the year so far. And what’s even scarier, is at the time of posting…

September 30, 2016
Europe Style Travel

My First Impressions of Paris

For some reason, everyone I speak to is shocked I’ve never been to Paris before. I’ve been to Disneyland a few times yes and I’ve done a number of day trips and holidays to France but have never actually made it to Paris. So…

September 22, 2016
karen millen aw16

Karen Millen AW16 Wishlist

The end of August/beginning of September is probably one of my favourite times of the year. An odd choice for some, but I love Autumn/Winter clothing collections and this is peak time for the release of them! Although it’s not officially autumn yet, I’m…

September 5, 2016