Hi I’m Kristy, an Essex based fashion and travel blogger working at a luxury fashion marketplace.

My blog was born in 2011, under a much more embarrassing name with a number of very embarrassing posts. It was a place for me to publish my writing whilst I was training to become a journalist but it was also a place to share the thoughts and activities of a typical teenager riding the train to adulthood. Once qualified, I then documented six months of editorial work experience here to share with everyone my experiences in the big working world. Six months later I got my first job as a Marketing Assistant at Amara and the rest is history…

Ever since a young age I’ve enjoyed writing, I even remember the days when my little brother and I would sit down at the computer and spend all day creating story books about the adventures our teddies got up to!

After taking a break from blogging for nearly a year, it started to frustrate me that my creativity had taken a nose-dive and sadly the quality of my writing was deteriorating. As the co-founder of the Amara Interior Blog Awards, I found myself working with bloggers everyday, spending hours gazing at their blogs in awe, reminiscing of the days I also used to write for the love of writing. But the weeks continued to pass and my blog continued to collect ‘cyber dust’.

One day something hit me, I knew it was time to start writing again and Miss Kristy Anna 2.0 was reborn.

Today my blog is a place for me to share everything in life that makes me happy. From food to travel, style to fitness, I hope my blog will inspire you or at least put a smile on your face on a rainy day.

So that’s me! Thanks for dropping by and I hope you enjoy the ride…

If you have any questions or want to get in touch feel free to drop me an email: kristyanna@live.co.uk!