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How to Enjoy Christmas On Holiday

December 4, 2017

For most, Christmas is a time to be with family and eat lots of pigs in blankets. However, if like us, you wanted to take advantage of all the free time off (thank you 3 bank holidays in a row), it can be a great time to go on holiday! Last year we spent Christmas in Thailand and it was one of the best Christmases I’ve ever had. Which shocks a lot of people when I say that. Spending Christmas on holiday doesn’t mean you have to completely forget about the day all together, if anything it can be just as fun. So if you’re worried about missing out on all the festivities at home and seeing all your family, here are a few ways you can enjoy Christmas on holiday…

Take some home comforts with you

Unless you’re going on holiday to avoid Christmas all together, there’s no harm in taking a few little home comforts to make your hotel room look a little festive. My mum snuck two little little gingerbread men decorations into our cases, so we put them up in our hotel room. We took a load of Christmas cards with us, which we opened and put up on the table for a few days. We also took our Santa hats for that typical ‘Christmas on the beach’ photo.

Send personalised Christmas cards

Before we went away, everyone was a little miffed as to why we’d not given anyone Christmas cards. We told our parents we’d given them to siblings to give on Christmas day as a decoy however this wasn’t the case…

When we arrived at our first beach location of the holiday we went on a boat trip for the day and made sure we didn’t forget to take our Santa hats. Whilst we were standing on the most amazing beach in the middle of the Similian Islands, we asked a few people to help us take a few fun photos of ourselves on the beach with our Christmas hats on. As soon as we got back to the hotel room we logged onto the laptop and created some personalised cards on Moonpig.

Moonpig is amazing for this because you don’t have to send them all the way from your holiday destination. Just log on like you would at home and they process the order like a normal UK order. Our families loved the surprise and it acted as a postcard and Christmas card in one, they even kept them as a little memento! Just remember to order them before the last posting date!

Do something fun on Christmas eve

I don’t know about you but I love Christmas eve, just as much as I love Christmas day. So make the most of it and do something fun! We went to explore the crazy town of Patong on Christmas eve. We had dinner in a random German Bavarian which was full of fellow English people celebrating the holidays and then ended up having drinks in a bar on the strip with pole dancers on the tables. With lady-boys walking past and men trying to get you to watch ping pong shows, it was one of the craziest Christmas eve’s I’ve ever experienced.


When you’re away for Christmas you can very easily end up not doing Christmas presents and spending the money on your holiday instead. The problem with this is you end up missing out on half the fun and the day just feels the same as the rest. To get around this, we decided we were going to make ‘mini stockings’ to take with us. We set a price limit (for us it was £50) and we took a handful of little presents to give to each other on the big day. When it came to the morning of Christmas it was super cute sitting on the bed opening your presents, you’ll also be surprised how great gifts can be for only £50!

Spoil yourself

That’s half the reason why you go away for Christmas isn’t it? We checked into the Amatara Wellness Resort for the 4 days of Christmas and it was pure luxury. We had some massages, spent the day by the pool eating burgers, and even took a bottle of champagne with us to drink on Christmas day, because buying it at the hotel would have cost about £200! The extra weight in the suitcase was worth it!

Skype your family

Christmas day away from home can be a little lonely, so make sure you check in with family as much as possible! We ended up skyping our families a number of times over Christmas day which was good fun because you could sit and swap exciting stories about how your days were completely different. There’s also nothing better than watching your nan figure out how to use an ipad or have your little cousin show you every single toy they got that day.

Go for Christmas dinner

It may not live up to your nan’s roast potatoes, but if you get the chance to go for Christmas dinner whilst you’re away, do! Discovering how different countries interpret Christmas dinner can be lots of fun. We had Christmas dinner in the restaurant at the hotel and it cost us about £45 each, for Thailand that’s pretty expensive but it was the best Christmas dinner I’ve ever had. It was 7 courses of absolute luxury. We sat out on the terrace overlooking the sea watching the lightning light up the sky in the distance, how many times can you say you ate Christmas dinner outside? Also, if you don’t normally dress up nice for dinner on holiday, make the exception and get all glammed up for once, it is Christmas day after all!

What are your favourite ways to enjoy Christmas on holiday?

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