Mini Clinique Haul

August 2, 2016

Everytime I talk to a beauty expert, the words ‘I’m a martian when it comes to beauty’ always seem to escape my mouth. But it’s true! I am terrible when it comes to hair and make up. Compared to a lot of girls, my make up bag consists of about five main products, I’ve never had a ‘beauty regime’ as such and I’m lucky if I actually remember to take my make up off before bed! The beauty bloggers sitting here reading this are now probably crying inside a little bit. But have no fear! I’m slowly learning.

It’s not as if I’ve never had an interest in beauty, because I have. I’ve just never been one of those girls that sat there experimenting in front of the mirror or watched make up tutorials on Youtube for hours. In fact, I never even used to wear much make up at school either. I don’t think I even started wearing foundation daily until at least year 11!

So due to my complete lack of knowledge on the subject, I always seek out the advice of the ladies on the beauty counters. You’re probably now shouting ‘NO YOU FOOL’ at your computer because we all know how bias people on beauty sales counters can be. However, my recent trip to Clinique was extremely helpful.


I’ve only really started caring about foundation in the last year or so. Yes, I’ve worn it for years now, but I’ve never actively sought out to find the perfect foundation for me. I usually just pick whatever is on offer or new in Boots! However that changed around Christmas time when my boyfriend bought me lots of Chanel make up for Christmas. We went to the Chanel counter, had a colour match and I walked away with a snazzy new foundation.

For a while it worked completely fine. However, after a few months it started to flake when I put it on and more of it ended up on the brush than on my face. Not ideal when it costs £36 a bottle! So I went on the hunt for a new foundation.

I started at the Clinique counter because I know their collections are good for creating a natural look- perfect for someone like me who doesn’t wear a lot of make up. When it comes to coverage, I’m quite lucky to not have many spots or blemishes, so I always look for something quite light.

clinique haul

A few weeks ago I went to a Clinique counter in Bluewater and asked about the Beyond Perfecting foundation. The lady at the counter gave me a cute little sample to take home and try for a few weeks. It’s safe to say, I’m so happy I got that sample because I actually ended up hating it! Yes it gave me flawless coverage and it lasted all day, but I found it was forever coming off when I touched my face and there was quite a big colour difference when it dried.

Top tip: When searching for the right colour foundation, test it and leave it to dry before committing. Most foundations dry a different colour and fancier ones need time for the high pigment in the formula to adapt to your skin tone.

I returned to the counter knowing that after trying a product with fuller coverage, I needed something a little lighter. Even though I needed it to last me the whole day! Another thing I noticed about the Beyond Perfecting foundation, was that it didn’t have any SPF in it.

Top tip: You should wear SPF on your face everyday. Even when the sun isn’t out! SPF not only protects your skin from episodic sun exposure on holiday, but also from daily low-level exposure. As much as 90% of skin ageing is caused by UV exposure.

clinque haul

A lot of high end foundations have SPF in them so I was a little shocked to find this one didn’t have any in it. The lady suggested I tried their Even Better Foundation. She sat me down and tried three different colours on my face. We agreed on the colour ‘Alabaster’ because I’m quite pale!

After using the foundation for a few weeks now I’m incredibly happy with it. The thing I love most about it is its ability to make my skin look fresher and brighter everyday. One of the downfalls of working in the city is that it makes my skin quite dull so this is something I really needed.

clinique haul

City Block

I’ve been working in London for about a year now and in the last year I’ve really noticed how bad my skin has become. I never really knew how much working in a busy city made a difference but after reading a number of articles in Stylist and ES Magazine on the train home, I realised this was the cause of my breakouts and constant drained look.

Those who live and work in a busy city are exposed a lot more to dirt and pollution. The dirt clogs up your pours and the pollution also saps the skin of vitamin C, which is essential for healthy collagen production.

clinique haul

So I knew I needed to start using something to help protect my skin. A few weeks back Stylist magazine wrote an article about how to tackle city skin. With the article they listed a few must-buy products. The new Clinique City Block Charcoal Cleansing Gel was one of them! When I asked the lady at the counter about it she explained the range was new and consisted of the cleansing gel and the clay mask and scrub. She told me about the clay mask and scrub and it sounded amazing. However, you had to leave it on a while a few times a week for it to work its magic. I’m quite lazy and forgetful so realistically I needed something I could use quickly everyday.

I now use the cleansing gel every evening in the shower to help relieve my skin from all the impurities I picked up during the day. It’s great! My skin is feeling a lot cleaner and fresher than ever before. Even my boyfriend has started using it! He’s been working in the city for seven years now and has already noticed the improvement in his skin. This is a must for all you Londoners out there.

clinique haul


The day I visited the counter, there was a promotion on. If you bought two products, you could chose a free mini tester set. I love a good tester! This contained a face wash, moisturiser and Clinique’s new wonder product the Pep Start eye cream. I’m looking forward to giving this a go, it’s meant to be great for tired eyes. So stay tuned for more info on that!

clinique haul

What would you buy on a mini Clinique haul?



  • Reply Jade Withrington August 2, 2016 at 10:14 pm

    Kristy I’m exactly like you – zero routine *covers eyes with hands*
    Great post! And I’ve never heard of that city block, think I’m gonna give that a go.


    • Reply Kristy Barber August 15, 2016 at 10:25 am

      Thanks lovely! And yes, give it a go, it’s really good 🙂 I’m going to try the scrub next I think xx

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