How Long Does It Take To Create An Outfit Blog Post?

September 26, 2017

How long do YOU think it takes to create an outfit blog post? An hour? A day? A week?

A few weeks ago I ran a poll on my Twitter asking everyone how long they thought it took me to write my latest fashion post (this one for reference). The poll only ran for a day but it was a very interesting 24 hours. It seems when it comes to writing blog posts, a lot of people don’t know how long it actually takes to put a standard fashion post together. The poll had 4 options to choose from:

  • Less than an hour
  • 1-3 hours
  • 3-5 hours
  • 5+ hours

For the first 12 hours of running the poll, the first option was in the lead, by quite a significant amount. I was in shock, and so was a lot of other bloggers who had seen the post. By the end of the poll the results were as followed:

As you can see the results eventually evened out, but I was still honestly a little upset that a third of the people who took part in the poll thought it took less than 3 hours to write the post in question. So in my rage (because that’s how most great blog posts start right?), I penned this post to set the record straight. Here’s how long it REALLY takes to write a pretty awesome outfit post…

Step 1- Pre Shoot Prep

Now this isn’t doing your hair and makeup (although that can take a while), this is about styling your outfit. Yes a brand may have sent me a few items to share in a post, but most of the time bloggers are the ones who style their whole outfits. I know from past experiences that I for sure don’t just throw on any old thing with a top and call it sold. Outfits in blog posts are specially curated and styled with lots of research and consideration.

Time taken:
30 mins -1 hour

Step 2- Shooting

Most bloggers dedicate a whole day to shooting and aim to shoot images for a number of different outfits at one time. However, even if you’re just shooting one outfit on a Saturday afternoon, to get the right images can take anything from 15 mins to over an hour. There’s lots of things that can impact the success of a photo shoot, the weather being one of the big ones! I can’t begin to tell you how many times I’ve had to postpone shooting an outfit because of the wind or rain. And then you have the photographer. It’s a well known fact some people are better at taking photos than other and you’d be surprised to know a lot of blogger photos aren’t taken by professionals but friends and family members. So sometimes it can be tough teaching them how to get the right shot.

Time taken:
15 mins -1 hour

Step 3- Editing

There’s been a lot of controversy over bloggers over editing photos, but let’s be honest everyone does it, and not in a bad way. With all blog posts, images are everything, so it’s important they are all consistently awesome. You may have noticed that each blogger has their own theme and way of editing photos on Instagram and most of the time that’s carried over to their blogs too. It may not take long to edit each photo, but when you’re editing a shoot of 10 images at 5 minutes a go (filtering, touching up, cropping and straightening), you’d be amazed how quickly the time can pass.

Time taken:
25 mins – 50 mins

Step 4- Writing the words

Some people find it harder to write blog posts than others and to be honest, I find your mood can really determine how long it takes you to write good copy. If you’re in a good mood and fully committed to what you are talking about it can take only an hour or so to write nearly 1000 words. If only it was that easy at school! For shorter posts you could have your copy done in just half an hour- it honestly depends on how much you want to/need to write.

Time taken:
30 mins -1 hour

Step 5- Putting everything together

For many, this is the final stage of completing a blog post. This includes uploading images, uploading the text, optimising your post for SEO- basically bringing everything together to look good on a page. Obviously the time of this would change as to how complex your post is. If you have to upload 10 photos, link all your products up and optimise everything, you’d be amazed how long a simple little task like this can take.

Time taken:
30 mins- 1 hour

Bonus Step 6- Curating product

Not all outfit posts have extra product in them, hence why I’ve put this in as a bonus step. However, when it comes to my own content, I like to make it as good as it can possible be, and I also like people to come away feeling inspired! So adding in additional product suggestions can be a great way of doing this. It also shows there’s a lot more thought to the post than just images and words. Now I don’t know about you but all these outfit ideas are handpicked and curated by myself. I research what type of items match different styles, and I like to give a range of shops to choose from. Like right at the beginning of this post- it’s styling again and the length of time it takes to do this depends on how many outfits you’re suggesting.

Time taken:
1-2 hours

So there you have it. A complete breakdown of how create an outfit blog post, and if you add all the maximum times up for each step of this post, it actually equates to a grand total of 7 hours! I’m not even go into how long it takes to promote and share it on social media as well because I could write a whole other post on that, but I just wanted to share with you all how long it actually takes a dedicated high quality blogger to create one blog post.

How long does it take you to create an outfit blog post?

Ps. This is how long it took me to write just this post (4 images, words, no outfit suggestions):
Styling- 15 mins
Shooting- 20 mins
Editing- 30 mins
Writing- 1 hour
Uploading- 1 hour
Total time: 3 hours 10 mins

Images by Avery D’Alessandro

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  • Reply Graceful Blog September 29, 2017 at 5:42 pm

    Super interesting to see it broken down into those little sections. Your outfit posts are always so perfect and well put-together! Loving these photos too xx

  • Reply Tara October 10, 2017 at 7:46 pm

    Gorgeous photos! I’m with the majority – it takes about 4 hours if shooting outfit snaps. Crazy! I don’t think most brands really take that into consideration.

  • Reply simplysory October 16, 2017 at 10:58 am

    Así es, no es fácil y lleva mucho tiempo crear un post de calidad. Hay gente que se piensa que es llegar, das a un botón y listo. Me ha encantado.

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