Happiness Project: September

September 30, 2016

So apparently it’s the end of September already? When did that happen?! I know I probably say it most months but September has been by far the busiest month of the year so far. And what’s even scarier, is at the time of posting this, it’s only 85 days until Christmas! Which means it’s only 73 days until we embark on our adventure to Thailand and Australia, GAH!

But anyway, bringing this back to September, I’ve been up to some pretty awesome things this month. From traveling to Portugal, to Paris and back to London again, here are some of the things that have made me happy this month. Grab a cuppa, it’s a long one…

Doing my bit for charity: I’m going to start this post with some honesty. When it comes to charity, I probably don’t do enough. I’ve never been the type of person to run marathons, raising thousands of pounds and yes, 90% of the time i’ll walk past a collection pot without putting any money in. However, I do try to do my bit from time to time. One thing I’ve always done for charity is donate. My mum volunteers at the local charity one day a week and I’m forever sending her down there with stacks of clothes, books and old toys I’ve found at the back on my wardrobe.

This month whilst we were whisked away to Porto with the company for our yearly gathering, as well as having a huge conference and party we spent the afternoon making and decorating over 70 book shelves. Once built and decorated, they were shipped off around the local area to all primary schools along with books we bought with us. It was such a lovely cause to be part of and I would have loved to have seen some of the kids faces when they arrived because everyone put so much effort into making them look amazing!



Blogger Events: I said at the beginning of the post I’ve been super busy this month and a lot of that has been down to blogger events. From attending them to planning them I’ve been out and about a lot recently! I spent a lovely afternoon at the intu Lakeside AW16 event where we got to chat to some professionals from Victoria Secrets, Keils and Tony & Guy, as well as getting to know lots of cool bloggers in my area too. I met up with the gorgeous Jade from again before the event and chatted about blogging and seo over a Starbucks. We’re determined to get a Southend blogger meet up sorted! I also went along to the Karma Moments jewellry launch where Sophie and I attempted to make a necklace from their new collection. I say attempted because we failed epically!

As well as attending events I’ve also been extremely busy planning and hosting them (hence the huge absence of blog posts this month). I was lucky enough to take a handful of lovely bloggers to Paris for the day a few weeks ago and have most recently spent a few days in Ascot at the Farfetch Retreat hosting our #TheOne launch event. I’ll publish more on this on the next few weeks…

Photo by Jade

Photo by Jade


London Fashion Week: This month fashion week returned to London and I couldn’t write an update post without mentioning it. I’ve never been to any fashion week events so I was extremely excited when I started receiving a few invitations for events and showcases! Unfortunately I couldn’t go to most of them because they were during the day and I have absolutely zero days left of annual leave this year. However, I did have the chance to go to the International Fashion showcase at the Amba Hotel on the Saturday night. For my first fashion week event it was so much fun to watch the show, meet some of the designers and check out everyones outfits. I can’t wait until next season!



Tough Mudder: As well has having a pretty choca-block diary this month, in traditional Kristy style, what would a month be without a big unplanned event? Ask Andy, even our ‘free’ weekends end up being crazy busy. And that’s exactly what happened last week. Out of the blue, he got asked to run Tough Mudder. So within 48 hours, we were in the car on the way to Sussex to spend the day running around in mud! When I say running around, not so much from my end as I was only spectating but like all good blogger wives/husbands I was on hand to get some photos of the day for him.

Tough Mudder is something Andy has always wanted to do however diving into it head first without any training was something he never thought he’d do so I’m extremely proud he did it! Even if I did have to force him into doing the last few obstacles! The group he was running with were raising money for a local charity Little Havens and raised over £8000 so huge congratulations to them. Read all about the day on his blog PNDA Fitness.



End of Summer: This month summer has really tried to stick around as long as possible. Which means even though the nights are drawing in, we’ve tried to make the most of all the sunshine before it disappears for the next six months. We’ve spent a few of the free days we’ve had roaming around Castle Park collecting conkers, visting my grandparents down Mersea beach and having date nights down the seawall eating fish and chips. See you again soon summer!



What’s made you happy this month?


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