The best Instagrammable places in Marrakech

September 1, 2018

If you’re a follower of my Instagram you’re probably sick and tired by now of my month long Marrakech takeover. The ‘takeover’ wasn’t something I planned, it just kind of happened because theres just so many awesome instagrammable places to visit in Marrakech. I couldn’t help but share all of them with you.

So now you’ve seen them on the feed, I thought I’d put them all together in one place for you to refer back to and bookmark for your next trip to Marrakech. I’ve been waiting four years to write this post so without further a do, I present to you my Instagram guide to Marrakech, one of the most magical cities in the world.



I actually found out about this place via someone else’s Instagram. Not only is Nomad so gorgeous, it’s such a great rooftop spot for lunch and looking out across the souks. The food here is incredible and the little shop downstairs (which I mention later on) is a haven for millennials visiting Marrakech.

Tip: Nomad is super easy to miss when you’re walking around the souks so keep an eye out for the sign on the wall with the arrow!

Le Jardin

Another place you could easily walk past, Le Jardin is a tropical paradise hidden away in the dusty streets of the medina. Once you walk through the little wooden gate you’re greeted with luscious green interiors which is home to tortoise, birds and the most amazing deserts.

Tip: It’s worth visiting Le Jardin during the day and at night. As magical as it is at night with candlelit dinners, you can’t appreciate decor as much in the dark.

Le Salama

Each floor of Le Salama is as decadent as the next, but the rooftop is where the money shot is. With hundreds of plants hanging from the ceilings, whimsical decor and huge windows overlooking the city this place at sunset is the ultimate chill out location. It’s also one of the very few places that sells alcohol a stones throw away from the main square.

Tip: Ask the waiters for a Fez to get into the true Moroccan spirit!


This place isn’t that instagrammable when it comes to its interiors, but the food at Katsura is a work of art. It’s also some of the best tasting sushi I’ve had in the world so make sure you don’t forget to pay it a visit whilst you’re visiting marrakech.¬†


Max & Jan

You’d never expect to find a boutique so modern and gorgeous in the middle of the medina but Max & Jan is everything I hoped it would be. This beautiful new moroccan store is full of the finest handmade local gifts and clothing, and it’s interiors are super cool.

Tip: Max & Jan also has a beautiful terrace which is perfect for grabbing lunch or even just a coffee to refuel.

Chabi Chic

Located under the Nomad restaurant in the heart of the souks, Chabi Chic is home to some of cutest authentic homewares in the city. If you’re not a fan of the cheap flimsy stuff in the souks, pay this place a visit, it’ll be hard to leave without anything.

Beldi Weave

When we embarked on our trip to Marrakech we were determined to come home with one thing- a rug! After reading many blog posts on how to buy a rug in marrakech we were ready to drive a hard bargin and spend hours bartering with a pushy salesman for the rug we wanted. However Beldi Weave were not like this at all. With nearly 5000 followers on Instagram, this place is the real deal. They were friendly, fair and had the most incredible selection of rugs. If you ever go to Marrakech for a rug I would highly recommend them!


YSL Museum

If you’re a fashion lover like me then you simply must visit the YSL museum. Still less than a year old, the museum uncovers some of Yves Saint Laurent’s most amazing collections all inspired by Morocco and the cities within it. Although you cannot take photos inside the main exhibit, the new architecture and space that houses the museum is a sight that simply cannot be missed.


Marrakech is home to some of the worlds most famous gardens. Jardin Majorelle and Le Jardin Secret are two of the most well known across instagram but there are so many more worth paying a visit. It’s crazy to think such beautiful, peaceful places exist in this crazy city.


Marrakech is home to many famous mosques however the most famous one is probably Koutoubia Mosque which is situated just next to Jemaa el-Fnaa square. Taking photos of mosques can be a bit of a touchy subject in places like Morocco, so if you want to get that awesome mosque shot it’s best to find somewhere quiet that you won’t disturb the locals.

Out and About


The medina can be a crazy place with people everywhere and¬†mopeds whizzing around all hours of the day. However, by some sort of magic, there’s actually a few hours of the day where it’s super quiet: dusk. If you leave your riad about 5/6pm everyone has packed up their shops for the day and the labyrinth is quiet, peaceful and perfect for getting that red city photo.


When you first start reading about visiting Marrakech you’ll hear of a lot of people say you can’t take photos in the souks because it upsets people and they ask for money. That in fact is pretty true. However, there’s plenty of opportunities to still get good photos in the souks. If you buy something from a shop, ask to take some photos in or outside (most of the time they’ll be more than happy to let you). You also have to be a great point-and-shoot photographer, the quicker you can take a photo, the less time people have to notice you’re taking one.


From the outside a riad can look like nothing but a hole in the wall. Once you walk through those entrance gates however you’ll find it the perfect instagrammable place to live during your stay in marrakech. Some of the most well known riads on instagram are Riad Yasmine, El Fenn and La Sultana. The photos below are from where we stayed: Riad Al Jazira.


La Mamounia and Royal Mansour are probably two of the most instagrammed hotels in the whole of Marrakech. Popular with celebrities and the worlds biggest bloggers, people come for miles just get that iconic white pillar photo.

Tip: You don’t have to be a guest of the hotels to get in and have a look around, just make sure you dress to their standards.

What are your favourite instagrammable places in Marrakech?

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