Luxury Stationery Wish List

November 12, 2015

These days there’s an app for everything which means simple things like post it notes, journals and diaries are starting to become redundant. Although I spend everyday in front of a computer screen and am never usually anymore than a few meters away from my phone, for me there’s still something slightly satisfying about keeping things old school and sticking to traditional stationery.

It’s a pretty well known fact that most bloggers, writers or journalists have a strange obsession with stationery, so when it comes to Christmas or Birthday’s it’s always a gift idea that will never disappoint. Like most things though, I’m pretty particular with my stationery and always love to have something on my desk that no one else in the office has. As it creeps closer and closer to Christmas, here are a few of my favourite luxury stationery items in the shops right now…

luxury stationery

1. Uniqfind Marble Macbook Skin and Hard Case £40: A few years back Australian Interior Blogger Jen Bishop got herself a marble skin for her Macbook. Since then I envy everyone I see that has one!

2. Sloane Stationery 2016 Diary £35: Having learnt about Sloane Stationery whilst working at Amara, I made the decision a few weeks back to invest in a whole load of it. So even though I’ve already got my 2016 Salone diary I couldn’t resist adding it to this post because I love it so much.

3. Montegrappa Fortuna Rose Gold & White Ballpoint Pen £130: I’m a real sucker for a fancy girly pen since I got a Swarovski one a few years ago. Therefore, I wouldn’t object if anyone wanted to add this to my collection.

4. Kate Spade New York Tackle Box £30: Lots of pretty and shiny things, what’s not to love?!

5. Tom Dixon Cube Stapler £50: Fifty pounds for a stapler seems a bit extortionate but it’s a pink shiny stapler created by the iconic British designer Tom Dixon, so it’s a luxury stationery must have. End of argument.

6. Lulu Guinness Tape Face Notebook £18: For some reason I love this funky tape face notebook; it’s completely random but sleek and gorgeous at the same time. I also forgot to mention it’s Lulu Guinness, which automatically makes it awesome.

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