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The Importance of a Staycation

January 9, 2017

When you ask someone to think of a holiday destination most people will say somewhere warm and exotic far far away from England! However, back in days when your grandparents were your age, most ‘holidays’ were a week away in Cromer by the seaside. Over the years it’s become a lot cheaper and easier to travel around the world so we tend not to think of visiting Cromer as a holiday. Trips like these have now turned into something called ‘a staycation’, and they’re just as important as the big exotic holidays we dream of on a cold winters day.


Switch off

Whether it’s a week away in the countryside or a few days by the beach these little breaks away from reality are becoming more and more important. Over the past few years a lot of us have forgotten how to switch off. We’re constantly on the go! So disappearing to somewhere remote for a little while will give you the perfect chance to disconnect. It sounds silly but sometimes it’s a good thing your phone can’t get signal in the middle of nowhere!


Escape from home

After a long busy day at work most of us look forward to going home and getting into our own beds. However when you get home there’s always things to do. Whether it’s cooking the dinner or putting the washing on I’m sure I’m not the only one who can’t fully relax. Escaping for the weekend and staying in a hotel or Airbnb can do you the world of good. It allows you to forget about everything you have to do at home and you’ll most definitely feel a lot more chilled laying a big cosy hotel bed watching the world go by.


Appreciate new places

It might come as a shock to you but the UK actually has some pretty beautiful places. We all love to moan about how boring it is in our hometown and how rubbish the weather always is, but there’s lots of places here that are still exciting even in the rain. From Cornwall, to Bath to the Lake District, there’s so many interesting places to visit in the UK. We all seem to forget that!


Embrace the culture

With nearly 300 different nationalities living in the UK it can be easy to forget where we all come from. Staycations are great for getting back in touch with some good old British culture. I’m not saying you have to go and live like a Tudor for a week but trying local foods and visiting some of the countries finest landmarks will not only educate you but take your mind off the stress of everyday life. Even if it’s just sitting on a sea wall eating fish and chips in Whitby, it’s better than being at home in front of the TV.



A staycation doesn’t always have to be an escape from life. Staying with family or friends in a different part of the country for a few days can be just as much of a staycation. It’ll give you a chance to reconnect with people you may not see a lot and discover the parts of the country they live their every day lives in. You’ll probably even find staying with family can be a lot more relaxing and comforting than staying in a hotel!

When was the last time you went on a staycation?


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