My Ten Commandments for 2017: 6 Month Review

July 14, 2017

At the beginning of every year it’s a tradition to start a new year’s resolution. So when I said back in January I was going to set myself 10 commandments for 2017, I don’t think I realised just what I’d signed myself up to. Most New Year’s resolutions are to stop doing something and 80% of them are broken by February. But you can’t break commandments, you can simply just not do them, hence why I went down that sneaky route (because let’s be honest, who even has time for that kind of negativity!).

Enough chatting, let’s get down to it and see how I’m doing on my 10 commandments of 2017…

Commandment #1: To have a year long tan

Status: Still working on it…

So the aim was to visit lots of hot and sunny places this year to long prolong my tan for as long as possible. But having been on a holiday ban (thanks to commandment #5), this has been pretty difficult! Maybe the second half of the year will bring more sunshine…

Commandment #2: To attend more blogger events

Status: Going pretty well!

Never did I think I would get to the point where I’m attending at least one blogger event a week. For some people that doesn’t sounds like anything, but for someone who has a pretty small social following (curse you Instagram!), being able to attend at least one blogger event a week makes me super happy. Let’s be honest, I probably wouldn’t have been able to attend half of these events if it wasn’t for my three babes Emma, Prim and Andrea, but girls gotta stick together and all!

Commandment #3: To take more selfies

Status: Room for improvement…

*Scrolls down Instagram feed* Ha, so this year I’ve posted a grand total of ONE selfie on my feed!

*Scrolls up camera roll* Does a selfie with a sombrero and koala ears count?

I think I need to work on this a little more…

Commandment #4: To buy my first designer bag

Status: Not happened yet…

Ah the never ending conundrum of ‘Do I spend all my money on a bag this month or buy groceries?’. No designer bag so far this year (sad faces all around!). It’s a little hard to justify spending the money on one when you’re buying a house.

Commandment #5: To buy a house


Woah hang on, a completed commandment?! So if you’d asked me how this commandment was going in March I would have laughed at you. However, as of about….. now (yes I purposely scheduled this post for this time today), I’m pleased to say Andy and I are now proud homeowners!

It’s taken about 3 months, very strict savings (no holidays!) and I’ve tried to keep it a secret (not very well), but as of today we’ll be moving into our gorgeous new three floored apartment. Still in Essex, yes, but closer to London, yey, so expect a house warming invite in the post!

Commandment #6: To slay at work

Status: Slaying!

So you may have noticed a slight lack of blog posts this year and to be totally honest, I’m pretty upset by this. But when you’re juggling a 9-6 job, blogger events and house buying, it’s not easy.

This year at work has been pretty insane. Not only have I been lucky enough to start hosting our own US blogger events, but I’ve actually been fortunate enough to have visited both New York and LA in the last six months! If you’d told me that would have happened in January, I would have laughed at you, again.

Obviously it’s not all fun and games. I spend the majority of my evenings emailing people (because of the time difference) and the 11 hours flights/4 days out of your life is not ideal. But if you work hard you reap the rewards! #promotionplease

Commandment #7: To finish the nuclear races

Status: Does a 10k count?

I’m yet to sign up to the nuclear races or tough mudder this year. But I have completed a 10k run which for someone who doesn’t do running, that’s pretty good. Can I use count that as number 7 done?

Commandment #8: To downsize my daily makeup bag

Status: Still working on it…

There was a point a few months ago that I had removed the seven lipsticks from my bag (yey!). But I seem to have a terrible habit of throwing one in the bag to go with my OOTD and then never taking it back out. Maybe when I have a dressing table I’ll be able to downsize my makeup bag once and for all!

Commandment #9: To wear heels more

Status: Standing tall!

My heel obsession has got a little out of control. To the point where I now have a serious lack of flat shoes. Which isn’t great when you like to spend hours on end walking around airports and new cities.

I try to wear heels at least 3 times a week at work, at one point I was wearing them everyday and I’m pretty sure my ankles were hating me for it! So any tips on how to get a happy medium do let me know. Maybe I should get some comfy insoles… (Is this how it feels to be an adult?!).

Commandment #10: To save a buy a new camera lens

Status: Complete

Back in April I got my first bonus from work so naturally I wanted to treat myself to something nice. My first thought was to get myself a new fancy bag but after many hours of hard thinking, I decided to invest in my blog instead and get myself the new lens. If you work hard and create good content the designer bags will come to you. Well at least that’s how I thought about it…

Two new commandments for the end of the year

New commandment #1: Upload all Thailand and Australia content

I can’t believe it’s been six months since we got back from Thailand and Australia. And what I can’t believe even more is the fact I’ve only managed to upload 4 of the 17 blog posts I planned on writing for it! 17 may sound a bit excessive but I wanted to write city guide on each place we visited because we went to so many amazing places. So I should probably get my bum moving and get writing!

New commandment #2: Relax a little more

The whole point of setting these commandments were to make time for myself and live a happier life. And yes, I’m extremely happy with life at the moment but when it comes to making time for myself I’m not doing very well.

I’ve got into a terrible habit of getting home at 9/10pm everyday of the week. Which considering that means I end up eating at that time of night and going straight to bed, it’s not good for my health. My weekends very quickly become full with visiting family or sofa shopping so I very rarely have time to sit and relax.

So over the next six months I’m going to find more time to just relax a little more. Whether that means going to the gym in the morning instead of the evening, or putting on the slow cooker when I leave for work so I don’t have to stand cooking dinner for half hour every night. It’s time to learn to chill!

How are you doing with your goals and resolutions?

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    Congrats on buying a house, that must be such an amazing feeling! xxx

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