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January 6, 2016

I don’t know about you but I wear my watch everyday and when I leave the house without it I can’t help but feel naked!

A few years ago I stumbled across the brand Olivia Burton and instantly fell in love. This however was during the time where chunky Micheal Kors style watches were in. So instead of getting a sleek and stylish watch I opted for a more chunkier Marc Jacobs one.

As time passed and trends changed, minimal watches have slowly become ever more popular. With so many different colours and brands to choose from, at this rate I’m going to end up buying myself one to go with each outfit! Here are some of my favourite minimal watch brands…

Larsson and Jennings

minimalist watches

Olivia Burton


Kapten & Son



minimal watches



Daniel Wellington


Get The Look

minimal watches

1. Kapten & Son Campina Watch €134: One of the great things about Kapten & Son is their super easy configurator. Here you can create your own watch to just how you like it.

2. Skagen Ditte Leather Watch £135: My mum got a Skagen watch a few years back and since then I’ve always admired their stunning contemporary danish designs.

3. Daniel Wellington Classic Southhampton Watch £129: I’ve always loved Daniel Wellington watches and have always thought they were just for men. You can imagine my delight when I found out they did a womens collection too.

4. Olivia Burton Woodland Multi Butterfly Watch £80: Olivia Burton have always been known for their pretty watch faces. If I ever got one it would probably take me hours to choose one, they’re all so gorgeous.

5. Larsson & Jennings CM Rose Gold Watch £225 : As far as minimal watches go, this is probably one of my most recent discoveries, purely because my manager at work has one! Would it be odd to get matching watches?!

6. Cluse La Roche Marble Watch €159: Now how many people do you know with a marble watch face? Available in both black and white, this is something special…


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