Visiting Florence for the first time: My highlights

July 22, 2018

After what was nearly two years of waiting, last month we packed up our bags and headed to Florence for the weekend to see our friends Tom and Hannah tie the knot! Excited to see these love birds finally get married, we were also excited to visit Florence for the first time- a city neither of us have explored before.

When it comes to travel, I always say I’m quite bad when it comes to seeing Europe. My Australian friend Emma has lived in the UK for just over two years now and has probably seen more of Europe than me. That’s so bad considering I’ve lived here all my life! So the wedding was the perfect excuse to explore somewhere I’ve never thought of going before.

I’ve heard lots of great things about Florence but because like most places in Europe and Italy it’s so expensive to visit, we’ve never really thought to pay it a visit before.

And boy were we missing out! 

Here are a few of my favourite things we discovered and saw during our first trip to Florence:

The Food

This one is a bit of a no-brainer because everyone knows Italy has the best food! However something I didn’t realise was that Tuscany is actually really well known for its Truffle! Which is awesome because you don’t have to walk far to find a cute little truffle shop or somewhere with truffle on the menu. As well as it’s yummy pizza, pasta and ice cream, we ate a lot of Tuscan toast whilst we were there which is pretty much bruschetta with different toppings. This makes a great breakfast! We also stumbled across a pizza which had fries on it during our stay, which was incredible and ended up being the perfect hangover breakfast.

Designer Shopping

Having never been to mainland Italy before, it’s easy to forget where most of the major fashion houses originate from, Italy of course! Florence is lined with the cutest and most beautiful designer shops with everything from Gucci, to Prada to Fendi, making it the perfect destination for a fancy shopping holiday.

The Hills

Florence has a lot more to offer than just city, it’s also home to some of the most stunning Tuscan hills and countryside which overlook the city. Nestled among the hills are some of the most incredible hotels and villas making it the perfect location for a beautiful wedding. There’s no wonder why Tom and Hannah (and Kimye!) chose to get married here.

Cattedrale di Santa Maria del Fiore

To say the cathedral in Florence is incredible would be an understatement. The architecture of this building is insane, not to mention it’s beautiful marble exterior. I didn’t realise before I got there that it’s one of the largest churches in the world! There’s no wonder why the queues to get into this place are unreal. I would’ve loved to have seen inside it, I can imagine it’s just as breathtaking as the outside, however because it was such a short visit, we couldn’t waste any time standing in a queue for an hour. Not to mention the blistering heat you would’ve endured whilst you waiting- if you want to get sunburnt, that’s one sure way of doing it!

Street Art

This may come as a shock to you because when you think of Florence you don’t normally think of street art but this city is brimming with the coolest pieces of street art. We first noticed this whilst walking around Pisa, but in Florence there is a ton more really cool street art. When I say street art I don’t mean the huge walls of graffiti you get around Shoreditch but more of the small unnoticeable scribbles and stickers that turn everyday objects like sign posts into a talking point. You’ll find a number of similar drawings or prints around the city by a handful of artists all with their own signature style. Some where really simple, some were really cute, but if there’s one thing for sure most of them are pretty funny.

What are your favourite things about visiting Florence?

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